logos-990390Scientists at the Thomson Institute of Technology (TITS) in Pretoria, are getting closer to revealing the inner workings of the human subconscious and to them it means humanity is in deep shit.

Neuroscientists have developed what they call The Brahma Cranium, a motorcycle-shaped helmet that can monitor brain activity using electroencephalogram (EEG).

Named after the Hindu deity who brought our universe to life by just imagining it, The Brahma Cranium was invented to help testees enter and engage the subconscious with clarity of mind.

Twenty testees were induced to a semi-conscious state, where it is believed the subconscious is most vivid.

The device allowed testees to control their subconscious and have a clearer vision of the events that took place within.

Neuroscientist and lead researcher, Thabo Hlope, said the results shown were akin to someone entering the after life while on an acid trip.

“What we saw makes us researchers believe the subconscious is yet another plane of existence.”

But Hlope said the test gave them an insight into the psychology of the testees, and it is scary.

“We have got a glimpse of what these people think about themselves and how they view their place in society. If this is an indicator as to where mankind is heading, then I would say we should stop building The Brahma Cranium and start manufacturing crash helmets instead.”

One testee, Ricardo Hendricks, said he was able to call upon his late father. He was able to recall every detail of the event.

“Unlike most times, when the subconscious is sort of hazy, this experience was clearer. It was like watching high definition TV.”

However, Hendricks said the conversation with his father was not very savoury.

“I was not prepared for what my father had to say. He called me a ‘naaier’ and a soft-cocked whore-bag. He was not any different to what he was when he was living.”

Michael Francis, a testee whose philosophy education has exceeded his intelligence, said the experiment had left him wondering which plane of existence is more real.

“Is this real reality, or is that real reality. If that is real reality, I would prefer to stay there. I got to sleigh down a snowy mountain naked and I didn’t experience any shrinkage. It just shows that our bodies have adapted to climate change in the subconscious. But when I woke up in this world, I was feeling rather chilly.”

Francis added that he will use this experience to start a religion in a remote Karoo town.

Bulelwa Thumana, one of the testees with learning disabilities, said the experience revealed her innate genius.

“All my life I was made to believe I was a dumb-ass. But when I put on that helmet, everything made sense. I could see the stars and planets dancing in unison. And it was in that moment I felt anything was possible. So next year, I will be running for president.”