Music from the 1990s
Can you name the above music artists from the 90s?

The Daily Ablutions has a special post for today, one that might make you call your old friends to catch up or slit your wrists. Either way, it is going to take you back to a decade full of melancholic youth, rebellious attitude and Doc Martens.

If you have other suggestions for funniest lyrics of the 1990s, or any other decade for that matter, please share it in the comments section or email Before we move on, Uncle Todd wants to have a word with you.

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When the weather is a necrophiliac’s dream — cold and wet — and nothing on Netflix piques your interest, a little bit of music can pick up your day, especially if it brings back good memories.

Now the 90s wasn’t my time but at least its music was culturally significant, unlike the twaddle that’s coming out nowadays.

The 90s was the decade when hip hop exploded and grunge was born — and died. It was an awesome way to say goodbye to a century of mind-fuckery.

Here’s the 10 funniest song lyrics of that decade.

Lyrics of the 90s